About Us

My name is Francoise Bonaparte Carroll and I'm the owner and creator of Lay-ette. Lay-ette is a French term used to define the essential articles of clothing, accessories and sometimes toiletries that an expectant parent would purchase or receive from family and friends. Historically, when there was an expectant mom, she along with her friends would sew and knit all the essential items of clothing that a newborn baby would need. By the time the baby was born, baby would have a drawer full of clothing. Fast forward to modern day where moms are no longer sewing or knitting. Modern parents are managing home (kids and partner) and often time careers.  At Lay-ette we want to help modern parents simplify wardrobing for their children.


So what does a Lay-ette consist of? A Lay-ette can be composed of an assortment of items which may include onesies, pants, gowns, bibs, hats to name a few. What does the modern lay-ette help you do? It helps you create multiple outfits for baby with the use of basic pieces without the fuss of wording, sparkles, and designs. 


As a modern mom, raising a family in Downtown Atlanta I get how busy and active your day to day activities can be. I’m preparing lunches, volunteering on school BODs, setting up date nights with the husband, and watching my husband teach our daughter how to ride her bike.  I know what goes into being a Super Parent whose kids are fed, healthy and dressed… yes, dressed! I want to help you simplify your life by providing Lay-ettes that take the guess work out of clothing your kids.


Let me take the act of dressing your babies and little ones off of your plate! So that you have time to be the best mom, wife, friend, and gift-giver that’s out there!